The Jungle Book

Betsy, Sarah and my grandchildren saw The Jungle Book movie yesterday. Gads what a fantastic story that emphasizes caring, courage, and community. Both children were entranced and occasionally alarmed by the danger. Without danger, though, how could courage emerge? The animation (seems odd to use that word in this case) is brilliant beyond belief. All the creatures have facial expressions that often reveal compassion and determination. The eyes are so dramatic. I am going to have to see the movie again because I had many moments of watching the facial expressions of awe of my grandchildren. Mowgli, the young human, is nourished by the caring of his jungle companions. He begins a journey to be restored to his human community that ultimately becomes a test of his courage and commitment to those who loved him from the beginning. This movie deserves at least one Academy Award. The voice acting is wonderful and never distracting. Christopher Walken and Bill Murray are especially fantastic, though all are great. I think some of the events could be too scary for preschoolers but older children and their adult friends will be spellbound from the terrific opening to the conclusion.

#movie #community #risk #caring #courage

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