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About this site

The purpose of Insight of Caring is to focus on a set of core qualities that serve as the foundation for communities: compassion, courage, conscience, sacrifice, kindness, and empathy. What insight do we have about how these skills are formed during childhood and evolve over the life span? Why are they important and how do we nurture caring in children and guide them over time at all ages?


You can read about my books on Amazon, why stories are important, and explore the role of storytelling in moral development. The author's blog will explore different aspects of caring. Each section of the site builds your knowledge and provides its practical application for you and others. The emphasis is on the how we can become great at any age, though true insight can only be achieved by understanding what happens when the qualities of caring fail to appear.

Father and child at Halloween
My new book

Heartfelt: Three Touchstones to Comfort Another is now available as both a paperback and a Kindle eBook at For more information, you can visit my Author Page at

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