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Three Touchstones to Comfort Another


How we respond to the sorrow of others reveals something important about ourselves. None of us are strangers to sorrow. Facing loss has inspired our capacity to care. Heartfelt is about drawing on our strength to build a caring community.


A Guide to Our Fiery Landscape

Anger motivates us to act to protect our self-respect. We become angry because we care about asserting what is right and stopping what is wrong.Thirteen Insights establish the foundation for 23 skills that illuminate the challenges of anger.

The Peaceful Classroom

162 Easy Activities to Promote Compassion and Cooperation

Through these engaging group activities children learn to find friends, cooperate with others, respect each other's feelings and differences. 

The Encyclopedia of Parenting


While becoming a parent is relatively easy, parenting is a skill that is learned and improved over a lifetime. This reference book provides a comprehensive summary of what we know about parents and parent-child relationships.

Raising Courageous Kids

Eight Steps to Practical Heroism


Our children's lives are filled with countless opportunities, both big and small, to make a difference in the world. And sooner or later, they will face adversity when we cannot be there to help them.

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From Wonder to Wisdom

Using Stories to Help Children Grow

The power of stories to nurture such life skills as caring, compassion, cooperation, and courage.

Promoting the Social Development of Young Children

An undergraduate textbook. My first published book. Many of the activities in the book are can be found in The Peaceful Classroom.

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