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A couple of years ago I taught an online course on Caring and Ethics for Kansas State University. The core of that course consisted of ten modules, each with a video that I created. You can watch those videos by clicking on the titles or the pictures at the bottom of the page. I am proud of these videos so I hope you enjoy watching them. If you want to see the original course you can go here (the old Insight of Caring website) though many of the links my now be incorrect. You might find the topics and the additional information interesting. Let me know if you have any comments or questions. All the videos can be watched full screen.


1. What is ethics?

2. What animals teach us

3. Human nature?

4. The origins of caring

5. The origins of conviction

6. The community

7. Ethics and decision making

8. Willpower

9. Courage and ethics

10. Does evil exist?


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