What's next?

Whew. Heartfelt is done in both eBook and paperback forms. The paperback is published by CreateSpace, a division of Amazon. Not a simple thing to do, but I learned to do it. Since it is a print-on-demand I was worried that the outcome might be shoddy. I was surprised by how much I like it when the fist review copy arrived. The paper and printing is good and the cover is good quality. I am happy. The book is relatively short but the content is without filler to increase length.

Heartfelt is the book I would have written if I had only one book left to write in my life. That makes Heartfelt special to me. Now it’s off to my next adventure: a podcast called "Wild Imagination: The Fairy Tales of Andrew Lang." I have created an empty project file for GarageBand. My next steps are to choose a fairy tale to read, record my granddaughters’ voices for the Pre-roll, write and record my pre-roll comment, choose the music for the pre-roll, record the story, choose and add the episode music, write and record the post-roll, choose the post-roll music. What is “pre” and “post” are the beginning and endings of all episodes. They will be the same every episode.

That's a lot of bullets for my bullet-journal, but I will love the mechanics of assembling Wild Imagination. Many years ago I did a podcast series called “About Dads Radio.” Now I have to relearn what I once knew how to do. I will update my Blog as Wild Imagination evolves. I will talk more about this project in my next Blog entry.

Will there be more episodes? If I am proud of what I did, that’s likely. But who knows? Maybe I have another book left in me.

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