Caring and anger?

I think associating anger with caring is unusual. But the opposite of anger is indifference, not serenity. Genuine anger means we care about something. Sociopaths may feign anger to achieve their selfish goals, but they have no real emotional life. Genuine anger is a part of our emotional life as human beings, providing us with adrenaline to take action to overcome a threat, to right a wrong. Anger is like fire, providing us with fuel and the combustion of our engine to take action. But fire can be dangerous if unrestrained, uncontrolled by borders. Anger and its turbulence challenges us to think clearly just when thinking is difficult, to achieve self-control at the precipice of recklessness. Our challenge with anger is to put it to work effectively by retaining our good judgment. The mind and heart have to work together to harness the power of anger, not to diminish a part of our humanity. For more information about anger and its purpose in our lives see my eBook Anger! A Guide to Our Fiery Landscape.

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