Our etheric sense and caring

During a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) training, officer Robusek of the Johnson County Kansas police force talked about the importance of the etheric sense. This involves being alerted to one’s environment by something other than the traditional senses of sight or sound. Consider it our “spidey” sense. For example, if something feels wrong, act on it by removing ourselves from the circumstance.

Exactly what this is from a neurological standpoint is not really understood. A part of our brain, possibly in the lower part involving the brain stem might be involved. Intuition might be a part of this.

There is so much we don’t know about the relationship between our brain, perception, and behavior. Officer Robusek was emphasizing the “warning” aspect of this sense and how important it is to consider it a tool to protect oneself as a CASA volunteer. But I think it can be more than warning.

The etheric sense alerts us to the emotions of others. We can sense when a friend of family member is sad, angry, or frightened. How do we know this? It is like being attuned to another person’s emotional vibrations. I think children have a powerful etheric sense because higher levels of their brain activity in the cortex does not inhibit it. That is why we cannot hide our strong feelings from our children. On an emotional level, they know something about us. Better to be honest with simple words about how we feel. Denying our emotional experience confuses children and could cause them to mistrust their “spidey” sense. Children who lose their etheric sense may be more vulnerable to sexual predators.

How do we keep the spidey sense alive in children as well as ourselves and strengthen it with the more analytical part of our brains? What relationship does our etheric sense have for the emergence of caring? Compassion is one sign of a vibrant etheric sense. We are touched by the genuine sadness, anger, or fear of another person and are motivated to act in a caring way in response. This early alert system makes us more deeply human.

#caring #emotion #sadness #anger #fear #compassion #mindfulness

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