There is another form of literary storytelling called “interactive fiction.” Interactive fiction allows the reader to become more engaged in a story by making choices that can affect story outcomes. I think these kind of stories can reveal choices and consequences of both caring and not caring. On the Choose Your Story website, I created a series of touch magic “small stories” suitable for children from four to eight years of age. There is no cost and nothing to download. You can read the entire stories on your browser. Please leave a review at the storygame website when you are finished.


Lilly of the Forest and Lilly and the Peddler are brief choose-your-own adventure Small Stories that I wrote for preschool children. Children make decisions but the plot is very simple. A parent or teacher reads the story and then gives the alternative choices for a child to choose. There are no illustrations. The adult can talk with the child about what happened in the story and the consequences of their choices. The child is like a guardian of the main character who moves the action in the story. They are not the main character. This gives greater freedom to the writer to create characters who might act quite different from what the child might do. Plus it makes a child less defensive about the alternative choices.


For a greater challenge for teens and adults, go directly to first Episode 1: The Lighthouse for The Adventures of Phoebe McGee. This story combines photos with narrative and is much longer, providing a greater courageous challenge. You can find all this interactive fiction and more  at my home site for the Adventures of Phoebe McGee below.